Use Refund To Landscape Airport Roundabout



When it was rumored that Payson was to get its first roundabout, a group of citizens spoke with ADOT and they were affirmative that we would be getting one. When asked how it was to be landscaped they said it was up to the town of Payson to landscape.

The town didn’t have a plan. The city of Bend, Oregon has over two dozen roundabouts and has always felt that landscaping them is paramount to safety and the aesthetics of their community.

Most of theirs also have artwork on them provided by grants. This small group of citizens felt this would be an opportunity lost as it could provide a “gateway” to our community and create a sense of pride.

They had to acquire a 501-C3 and began the hard task of raising funds for the project. It took five years and lots of personal money, energy, time, sacrifice and the generosity of the citizens of the Rim Country to bring this project to fruition in 2010.

At the end of the project the water department forced them to pay $4,000 for the water hook-up. And, the $4,000 that the town council approved at the beginning of the project was denied at completion because the town was in financial problems. Therefore, it seems this ADOT refund for the airport roundabout would be a perfect opportunity to use the $8,000 garnered from the nonprofit 501-C3 and the citizens’ fund-raising and use it toward landscaping the airport roundabout.

Jeanie Langham


Pat Randall 5 years, 9 months ago

The roundabout is a big enough distraction without putting a bunch of plants and animals in the middle of it. It will impede the vision and distract the attention of the drivers while they are trying to keep from getting run over.


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