Another War In The Middle East



Just what we needed, another war in the Middle East. Are we carrying the load for the U.N., playing get evens for the bombing of our aircraft, or protecting access to the oil fields for England and France? Or all of the above?

War is the biggest waste of assets and lives ever devised, and we are wasting ours in a futile attempt to change their governments to a democracy. Most of the people in the Middle East don’t know what a democracy is and it would only last until another strong man took control.

Why are we carrying this burden for the U.N. when we are the major financial support for the U.N. and a bunch of countries that vote against us a majority of the time? We would be better off using these resources to defend our borders and prevent infiltration by terrorists.

We are spending ourselves into oblivion trying to save the world from what?

It is comforting to know that France is teaming with England to help the rebels in Libya fight the government forces. The last time France won a war was under Napoleon Bonaparte.

John Oppertshauser


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