Center For Success Students Take Same Classes As Phs Students



I am a senior at Payson Center for Success and I am writing you in regards to an article that was published in the Roundup on Friday April 15.

I have gone to both PHS and PCS while I have lived in Arizona and even though PCS only has 62 students attending compared to PHS that does not mean that PCS students are lower than PHS students. It was easy for me to complete classes at Payson High School and the reasons for leaving had nothing to do with the difficulty of the classes.

Classes at PCS are harder than classes at the larger high school in my opinion.

Pete Aleshire stated in the Roundup that four teachers at the alternative school, which only has 62 students mostly kids trying to finish high school after having trouble in regular classes.

The students at PCS are just like the students at Payson High School. We are taught the same classes and are given a time limit when doing those classes. There are students here that also take classes at the other high school so how exactly does that mean that we cannot finish regular classes?

Many people do not know the curriculum that is required for all the students here at PCS and I think that before Pete Aleshire decided to say that we were unable to complete regular classes he should have looked at the classes that we take here.

I would like to see people that are looking from the outside in not judge this school because we do just the same work as the kids at the larger high school.

I think that it is important that you read this letter and others that may come your way about this subject and then really think about what was published about this school.

Thank you very much for your time. I hope this letter changes people’s opinions about Payson Center for Success.

Brooke Osborn


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