Fireflies To Discuss Cookbook


Today is a historic day for the United Kingdom. If you don’t live under a rock, you know that there is a wedding taking place in the royal family. Prince William is marrying a commoner, Kate Middleton. This is a fairy tale come true for most females to become a princess! I sent them a wedding card about a month ago so I am looking forward to some kind of response. I wonder! Best wishes to the royal couple for a long and happy marriage.

There were many visitors to the Village for the extended Easter weekend. They came with sport vehicles and campers all along the Tonto Creek area and the Control Road. The weather has been perfect for camping, but all this activity is a bit worrisome because of the dry forest and brisk winds.


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Phyllis Mullen Ballard and Pat Bates, former longtime residents of the Village and avid pool players, made a visit to the nine-ball competition last Tuesday evening at the Double D Restaurant and Bar to catch up on current happenings and talk of old times.

Thank goodness this time there were no serious call outs for abandoned campfires. Some folks just don’t realize how dangerous this can be. It only takes one little spark to fly into dry brush to cause a major forest fire and endanger homes that are situated within the forest.

Birthdays and anniversaries, etc.

Dylan and Angela Meeker Glass will celebrate six years of marriage on May 5. Angela is the oldest daughter of part-time residents Rick and Theresa Meeker of Tonto Village II and Scottsdale. Congratulations to the both of you.

Bob Eavenson, an engineer with Hellsgate Fire Department, will add another candle to his birthday cake on May 1 and Hellsgate fire board chairman Richard Pinkerton gets to eat some birthday cake on May 4.

Mitzi Brabb of Tonto Village III will be another year older on May 10.

Happy birthday to each of you and remember to savor each day for the gift that it is.

Get well wishes to J.R. Alliger, our resident locksmith. J.R. underwent surgery at Payson Regional Medical Center this past week and is now at home recuperating. May the sun shine on your speedy recovery.

Hellsgate Fire Department Auxiliary

The next meeting of the Fireflies auxiliary will be on Monday, May 2 at the Tonto Village Fire Station meeting room. The meeting will begin at 1 p.m.

Items under discussion will be the sale of Hellsgate T-shirts and ball caps at all of the fund-raising functions and from the fire stations in Star Valley and Tonto Village.

One of the projects under discussion is a cookbook that would be for sale to the public. All ladies are to bring a few of their favorite recipes to the meeting so that the chairperson Penny Wells can start compiling them for the cookbook. Bring as many recipes as you would like, the simpler the better, along with being very tasty and easy to prepare. The recipes don’t necessarily need to be from the auxiliary, anyone can submit their favorite recipes for the cookbook. Penny’s phone number is 1-864-561-7761 or Janet at 478-9935.

Sunday, May 8 is Mother’s Day. Please don’t forget to do something extra special for your mother. I remember when I was just a little girl, everyone in my school made baskets for our mothers and picked flowers to add to the baskets. Mine were forsythia flowers. To this day, they are one of my favorites. It doesn’t take much to please a mom, even just an “I love you” will do.

Hellsgate Fire Department

Four projects are now under way through the Fuels Reduction Grant. The areas are Diamond Point Summer Homes, Bear Flat, and Thompson Draw I and II.

There will be no burn permits issued until further notice because of the high winds and dry conditions.

There will also be no further brush pickup within the Hellsgate Fire District.

The “readiness” stage has been raised to a category 3, which means a higher state of awareness for fires.

All area fire chiefs met on the last Thursday of April for their regular monthly meetings at the Crosswinds Restaurant for breakfast and discussion.

Years of service awards will be issued to Captain Nick Fitch for his seven years of dedication to the fire department on April 28. On May 1, Bill Dupke and Brei Miller will be awarded for their three years of service. Congratulations to Nick, Bill and Brei.

Double D Doings

Last Tuesday evening was a very special nine-ball competition. Two of the gals who were former residents of the Village came to play pool and visit with the Christopher Creek gals and the Tonto Village gals. Phyllis Mullen Ballard and Pat Bates were a sight for sore eyes. They both were living in the Village for a number of years and everyone was happy to visit with them. Pat was even lucky enough to come in third place in the competition. Nanci Olson shot for first place and Linda Stailey took second place. It was such a special evening, let’s hope that they can come to the Village again real soon.

Thursday evening is the guys’ turn to take over the pool tables. Tim Reed was the top winner, Ron Desrochers shot for second place and Brady Dupke took third place.


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