Lake At Green Valley Park Needs Shoreline Help



I often read in the Roundup about how beautiful Green Valley Park is. Yes, it is beautiful — but beautiful everywhere except along the shoreline of the lake.

The banks of the lake are suffering continued erosion and are inching their way toward the sidewalks. Cattails now cover the complete west bank of the lake and in some areas extend 20 feet or more into the lake, making the west side of the lake virtually impossible to fish from. The spreading reeds have also encroached onto the other shore sides and it will only be a matter of time before they choke off the other sides, as well.

Scrub trees have been left to grow along the banks and will become more difficult and expensive to remove them as they grow to maturity. Weeds have been left unattended and are a real eyesore in the rock drainage areas that lead into the lake. The area around the Parks and Rec building needs some serious attention.

And it’s not often that a new project ends up looking worse than what was originally there, but that is the case with the floating dock project on the southwest side of the lake. The floating dock doesn’t fit the natural beauty of the area — it is stark and an outright eyesore. The river rock stones that were placed on the shore by the pier have ugly weeds growing through them and visiting teens seem to find delight in heaving them into the water.

I know the town budget is very tight right now, but if we can find a way to bring a mega-million-dollar university to Payson, there surely must be a way to find the resources and manpower to keep our town lake an area we can be proud of. Maybe we need to get a grass roots effort behind such a project.

JP Jones


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