Loud Music, Fireworks At Lake Lead To Arrest


Campers thought a possible terrorist was setting pipe bombs off at Roosevelt Lake Saturday, but all deputies found was a man with roman candles.

Deputies arrested John Michael Myers, 32, of Florence, for refusing to give his name and several counts of disorderly conduct.

Around midnight Saturday, Gila County Sheriff’s deputies got a call from U.S. Forest Service employees that a group near Indian Point Campground was broadcasting music over speakers, but did not have the necessary permit.

Two deputies responded and saw large pyrotechnics going off in the area.

As they approached the camp, several people were singing along with a karaoke machine as large speakers played music.

Officers approached Myers who said the fireworks had come from a camp across the street.

Deputies went to the camp with Myers following.

“It was later determined that this camp belonged to Myers,” said Lt. Tim Scott with the GCSO.

“Myers said he did not have identification and would not give his name to the officers on scene.”

Officers booked Myers into the Payson jail.

On Sunday, Myers pleaded not guilty to the charges. A judge set a pre-trial conference for June 14.

A man sleeping in a nearby boat said fireworks had initially woke him and then a large boom had nearly blown his hearing out. People told the man a pipe bomb had gone off, however, Scott said “no terrorist” stuff was found.


Don Lusk 5 years, 8 months ago

Your reporter "Alexis Bechman" did not get is story right! I know because I was down at Indian Point the "night of the fireworks"! (Easter weekend) First of all a special permit for music is only required for commercial events (booze being sold with vender's, and a live band which charges a fee to get in etc.) Second the only thing I seen or heard, was "black cats" going off. (some fireworks are legal now) Every time someone sets off a black cat the Payson Roundup reporter report's a terrorist act happens (good news but not true) just a bunch of people having fun at the lake!


John Naughton 5 years, 8 months ago

Mr. Lusk, You should contact the Gila County Sheriff and suggest that his department is providing false information on their arrest records thus, providing the press with inaccurate information.


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