True Conservation



If I have a windmill, solar cells, or some other source of producing or generating electricity and I produce more than I use, I understand that I can sell my surplus back to APS and that they will either buy it back or credit my account for that excess.

I do pay for the 2,000-gallon minimum for my water, but I use only 200 to 400 gallons per month (information taken from my Payson Water Department bills). Shouldn’t I be able to sell the 1,600 to 1,800 gallons, which I pay for but don’t use, to my neighbors?

The figures are taken from the conservation rates schedule on my water bill. I know what conservation really is.

Why do you suppose Payson Water Department doesn’t have a 500-gallon minimum, so the town can actually encourage true conservation?

J.P. Bill Powers


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