Be Careful What You Wish For



In response to Jeff Durbin’s letter regarding the separation, or more accurately, in his opinion, the lack thereof, of church and state.

I feel the need to ask the good gentleman, which “church” is it he would like to be overseeing our government?

Christian churches vary widely in their politics and policies in the various denominations. Exactly whose “laws” are we referring to here?

I have no desire to interfere with your choice to fast and pray, however, my government has absolutely no right or power to ask this from me. That is the realm of the religious authority that I have the right to disregard. Your right to your choices do not trump my right to be free of such obligations.

So, Mr Durbin, which “church” and exactly which “biblical principles” should our secular government be embracing? Before you answer, I hope you remember the very wise old saying; be careful what you wish for ... you might just get it.

Maia Dee


Melissa Durbin 5 years, 5 months ago

(I think fasting and praying would have been a great idea to add to what Jeff wrote after all many many many of our family have fought and loss lives for this freedom to do so!)

Maia Jeff wrote:

President Obama has told the world that the U.S. is not a Christian nation and for a short period I strongly disagreed with this statement. I know that this nation was founded upon Christian values and principles, but in a short period of time, we have rejected these principles for selfish desires.

Our Founding Fathers were men of faith and religious conviction and many lost everything to form this nation.

Today, spiritual and religious leaders are substituting conviction and passion for political correctness and social acceptance. I know that many of these leaders have memorized the Bible, but yet, few know the meaning of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven. Somehow, we have allowed weak men to lead the church who no longer possess three necessary qualities for the U.S. to remain a Christian nation; honesty, faithfulness and mercy.

In general, I will not agree with our president, but he has correctly identified that we are no longer a Christian nation in which luke-warm actors in the pulpit are completely responsible for this apostasy, not our president.


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