Can Coaches Be Impartial When Their Child Is On The Team?



Be it baseball, football, volleyball, etc., Payson loves its sports! Our kids wait all year to play their favorite sport, dedicating huge time and energy. Their coaches, often parents who volunteer, do the same. These coaches usually receive no money and sometimes no appreciation.

That being said, should we as a community allow parents to follow their kids as coaches for years at a time? Can a parent be impartial and will he/she be able to substitute a better player for their own child?

Furthermore, should our schools hire parents to coach their own kids?

More concerning, how easy is it, especially with today’s school sports budget cuts, to let a coach continue if he/she is volunteering, even if it hurts our children?

Where is the oversight? Can there be oversight?

I don’t have answers to these questions, but I do have concerns about the issues they raise. Does anyone else?

Amalia Pineres M.D.


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