College Decision Is Unfair To Seniors



Gila college really has done a great injustice to the seniors of Payson. I have participated as a student for years in one of the classes. Yes for years we have received free classes. One time we were asked to pay, which was fine. Shortly thereafter, we were notified that we did not have to pay. How come? This time there was no notification just a phone call saying we had to pay by a certain date. I ask how come?

This has proved to be a hardship as seniors are on a limited income and have to put aside money to do different things. Lots of seniors were caught off guard and had to drop class, they did not have the money to pay, nor the time to save money. I believe this to have been a great injustice to students that have been signed up for class this fall semester.

Why were students not notified as to having to pay this time? How come? At least give students time to save money. Why was it not done this time? How come?

Ann Christensen


Pat Randall 5 years, 5 months ago

Ms. Christensen, Why didn't you have your money already saved for classes if they are so important to you to have a place to go and socialize with the elederly? For every teacher that is hired to teach special classes for seniors we lose one to teach the younger people.


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