Forest Service Shouldn’T Be Allowed To Just Say Anything



Payson Roundup, July 29th, “USFS has advised Payson it may want biologists to do additional studies on the impact of the Blue Ridge pipeline on several wildlife species that aren’t yet listed”? You can’t get much more nebulous than that!

It occurred to me that if the USFS were parents and the forests they are supposed to protect were their children, they would have lost custody long ago.

If these guys worked for a private company and mismanaged their jobs the way they have damaged the forests they are supposed to care for, they would have been fired for cause.

If they were doctors they would be on trial for malpractice, and if they were lawyers they would have lost their license for malfeasance.

This is the agency that released the Chiricahua Leopard Frog, supposedly an endangered species along the pipeline route a few months back, knowing full well they would shut down construction on the pipeline and three bridges that were in the works along the East Verde if this “endangered species” were placed in any kind of harmful situation. I’m not sure, but I think they even hired a “frog wrangler” to watch over them.

I would hope that Mayor Evans will take Payson’s water cause to Gosar, McCain and Kyl to override these so-called experts that disregard everything the NAU professors propose.

They have been supposedly taking bids from logging companies, that would thin the forests and prevent half-million acre fires, for the last several years. When are they going to award a contract?

USFS biologists say, “The East Verde River represents one of the few remaining intact cottonwood-willow riparian habitats in the state ... this mix of vegetation harbors the greatest density and diversity of species in North America” as reported in Friday’s Roundup.

Please! In all of North America? I ask, “Can these guys just say anything they want to further their cause?”

Go get ’em, Kenny.

Ted Paulk


Ted Paulk 5 years, 3 months ago

Pat, these are not "professors" these are Forest Service employees and they get paid for making things more complicated. Look at the guy in Phoenix that has held up the Blue Ridge project for almost a year. Who knows why? I think it's ego, just showing us folks who's boss.


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