Someone Else Could Have Sabotaged Man’S Computer



Do you know how porn gets on your computer? If you do a Google search and porn sites come up in suggested sites, it shows on a register.

Do you know how to read your computer’s history register? And did you know if you hit delete, it is not gone. I’ve sat through several days of trial of a man who had no idea this was happening. When his computer slowed down, he called a local company for assistance.

That company had the special programs needed to look at history and to retrieve such smut, then called the police. The same images were on a flash drive and Zip disk, because he, like so many of us, backs up his files.

If you share your computer with others, do you know what they were doing? If identity theft is so prevalent and which you do not know about until it’s too late, why is it not beyond reasonable doubt that someone could have also sabotaged your computer?

It can be done remotely from another site, even from outside your home. This man in his 70s had a stellar record. I watched a family destroyed this week because of what he did not know. It can happen to you.

Ronda Caldwell


Greg Hoffman 5 years, 5 months ago

Google searches DO NOT download images of Naked Children. He was not convicted of sites in his search history. He was convicted of having HUNDREDS of images of naked children on his computer, disc and flash drives. He did not share his computer. His wife did not have these images on her computer? And lets not forget all the documents he had explaining how to find and then hide these images of child porn. Did he ever act upon this sick and perverted behavior? God only knows. Hats off to the Payson Police Dept for the great investigation they provided and in removing this person from our town.


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