A Town Is Judged By How It Treats Its Animals



We are concerned about the recent decision of your town council to not provide additional funds to your local Humane Society. Their excuse was that homeless teenagers and senior citizens come first.

Although these two groups are worthwhile causes, who is going to take care of the Humane Society animals that come from the citizens of all ages, including homeless people and older citizens? These animals cannot speak for themselves as opposed to other groups who are seeking public support.

Have you thought about having fund drives for the Humane Society during your world famous rodeo? Have you considered a program to spay and neuter pets, to help reduce the burgeoning problems throughout the U.S. of unwanted pets that as a result have to be euthanized? Have you thought about a program to control the back yard breeders and puppy mills, which only adds to the problem? A community is judged by the way it treats its animals.

One cannot think that your city lacks this compassion and is abdicating its responsibility to the citizens that truly care.

Lloyd Lange



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