Why Our Country’S Finances Are A Mess



It does not take a scientist to figure out that this country’s finances are a mess. Paul Krugman, a prominent New York Times columnist and economic professor, has the following to say: “It was not public demand, but rather the unwisdom of elites that did us in. 1) Bush tax cuts for the wealthy that added $2 trillion to the national debt, was a reward to those who supported him on the campaign trail. 2) The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not called for by the American people, these expensive and largely unfunded wars padded the wallets of billionaires by adding $1.1 trillion to the National Deficit. 3) Recklessness by Wall Street big bankers who demanded unprecedented deregulation gave them free reign over our nation’s finances. It is necessary to remember who in Washington tried to save us from the unwisdom, and who sold us out.”

I encourage you to read Krugman’s full column at: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/09/opinion/09krugman.html?ref=paulkrugman#

Bob Jacobs


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