Record Request Reveals Third Payson Police Officer Disciplined


A public records request reveals Payson’s police chief disciplined a third officer for inappropriate on duty behavior with a female.

Sgt. Dean Faust was suspended for three days in July 2010 after allegedly harassing his on-again, off-again girlfriend.

According to a report, Faust used department equipment to spy on his ex-girlfriend while on duty at least two times.

The Roundup requested all officer discipline records dating back to January 2010 after former Lt. Don Garvin and former narcotics officer Josh LaManna were demoted for sending sexually explicit text messages to women while on duty and at times with department cell phones.

Garvin reportedly had an affair with the wife of a Department of Public Safety officer and exchanged sexually explicit messages with a woman applying for a job as an officer, while LaManna sent sexually explicit text messages and photos to a drug informant.

Faust is the only other officer who was disciplined during that time for unacceptable acts with a female.

Det. Matt VanCamp was also disciplined, but in that case for failing to complete 30 police reports. Engler suspended VanCamp from the special response team for 30 days beginning Feb. 2.

VanCamp reportedly had until Jan. 30, a four-month period, to complete all outstanding reports, but failed to do so. VanCamp is also a Payson school board member.

On June 10, 2010, Faust’s ex-girlfriend contacted Police Chief Don Engler and reported she had been having problems with Faust.

The woman said she felt “harassed and stalked, and that she was concerned for her welfare as well as her children’s welfare, believing that this relationship was continuing to escalate to the point that in her opinion the next step would be violence,” Engler said.

During the May rodeo, the woman said she went out with a male friend, during which time, Faust texted her several times.

“She said he also texted her after the rodeo was over, inquiring as to what bar she was at, because he was working and he was going to do “bar checks” and he didn’t want to run into her,” Engler said in the report.

Another time, Faust told the woman he had used a department scope to watch her at one of her friend’s home at least twice while he worked overnight shifts.

Other times, he would drive by her home or her boyfriend’s home multiple times and later text her about it. Another time, he stopped by her home in his SWAT vest and gun after a warrant roundup and said he was upset about her new relationship, according to Engler’s report.

The woman said she e-mailed Faust asking him to stop.

During an interview with Engler, Faust admitted he had used a scope to watch the woman’s home on two occasions, explaining the relationship had been a “roller coaster type of situation.”

Faust said he had no intention of harming the woman, “he just said he was having a hard time controlling his jealousy and emotions,” Engler said.

Engler concluded Faust violated multiple town and PPD policies and recommended a three-day suspension without pay from July 7-9, 2010.


Kim Pound 5 years, 5 months ago

I am getting pretty concerned about the integrity of the Payson Police Department. As a retired Chief of Police with over 30 years in the law enforcement experience in law enforcement and former Republican nominee for Gila County Sheriff, I believe it is time that the Mayor and Town Council step up to the plate and hold the Chief of Police accountable for the actions and lack of integrity of some Police Officers of his agency. This is an outrage, which causes the Public to lose confidence in their Police Department. These are not minor violations, this is serious, stalking and using department equipment to spy on girlfriends, sexting while on duty and making lude comments to a "snitch", trying to date a Police applicant and sexting on duty, failure to complete thirty Police reports, the list goes on and on. Everyone of these Police Officers should have been fired. I believe their needs to be a change in leadership at the Chief of Police position. We have the Chief of Police from Pinetop-Lakeside who resides in Payson, Sherwood "Woody" Eldridge, who is a resident of Payson who presently working on his Doctrats Degree, is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, Southern Police Institute, Northwestrern Police Institute and several other qualified Police schools.He placed second on the list of candidates when Chief Engler was hired. I recommend that he needs to be brought in as the Chief of Police to clean up the mess at the Payson Police Department. These Police Officers in question will have some serious "Giglio vs the United States" issues when testifying in Court. This meand that their integrity will be called into question by defence attorneys.


Kim Pound 5 years, 5 months ago

I was kind of tired this morning and there were several typos that I did not check while submitting my comment, Please forgive me but you get the point. Next time I will not hit the submit button so fas.t


don evans 5 years, 5 months ago

Ok Roundup, how about equal time for the chief. How about reporting his entire disciplinary history in the paper. From his police officer rank all the way through to his current status. Fair is fair.


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