Payson Dew Was A Popular Prohibition Drink


What is Payson Dew?

Prohibition in the United States was started in January 1920. On that date alcohol production, distribution and use was prohibited by law. In Green Valley near Christopher Creek a little something else was brewing though.

It was a significant moonshining operation and product that came to be known as Payson Dew. While other moonshiners might use corn or grain for their brew, you would find just about anything that had flavor in the vat to produce Payson Dew.

Of course, there were some things that didn’t go quite right. One moonshiner reportedly died of lead poisoning after sampling his own brew. Another would-be entrepreneur sold “sniffs” of his brew to folks that suffered from asthma.

Payson Dew at one time commanded a price of $5 a gallon. Prohibition was lifted in 1933, which signaled the end of what was known as Payson Dew.

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