Somalia Vs. Libya



Over the last several months the United States has committed men and resources in support of rebel fighters in Libya. This effort is directed at replacing the Gadhafi government with an unknown one.

At the same time in Somaila, there are millions of Somali who are dying for lack of food. The U.N. is supplying food, but to a large extent, it is not getting to the starving people because of the Islamic militants. So far at least 14 U.N. food aid workers have been killed when trying to get food to the needy.

Can you imagine the reaction if the “Great Satan” (as others call the U.S.) redirected our resources away from Libya and choose to protect the food convoys trying to get to those Somali in need.

We would be seen as helping a humanitarian effort rather than interfering with the internal policies of another country. We could once again be proud of the actions of the United States and actually helping those in most need of assistance.

Tom Loeffler


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