Village Walloped By Wind, Hail, Rain

Christopher Creek and Hellsgate firefighters last Sunday cut a winter’s supply of firewood for Jeff Shaw, a firefighter still laid up from injuries he sustained in a fall two months ago.


Christopher Creek and Hellsgate firefighters last Sunday cut a winter’s supply of firewood for Jeff Shaw, a firefighter still laid up from injuries he sustained in a fall two months ago.


Somebody must have gone overboard with a rain dance last Wednesday afternoon.

Tonto Village got walloped by wind, hail and heavy rain that lasted for at least an hour and a half. Some of the hail was the size of a big marble, (an aggie?)

The domino divas had just closed up the games for another week when the thunder and lightning hit followed by the rain and hail. No one could leave because of the large hailstones. (It hurts when it hits you!) The gals scrambled to phones to call their hubbies to let them know that no one could leave yet. The rain finally let up enough to dash to their cars. Of course their umbrellas were inside their cars.

Meanwhile, down at my house, the rain water was finding its lowest spot right through our back yard. We have ditches to divert the water to the culverts, but the rain was coming down too fast.

It was a close call, the rain came within a half inch of flooding our back porch. By the time the sky cleared, an unofficial total of rainfall was about an inch and a half. Other communities had about two inches of rain.

Hellsgate Fire Department

This past Sunday morning a work party of Hellsgate firefighters and Christopher/ Kohl’s firefighters converged on Christopher/Kohl’s probationary firefighter Jeff Shaw’s home to cut up a winter’s supply of wood for him and his family. Jeff had a terrible fall from a roof a few months ago and he is unable to do any physical labor.

The firefighters offered to come to his home in Tonto Village III and cut up his supply of wood. The camaraderie and compassion for a fellow firefighter is just one example of how well the firefighters have been trained and speaks of their fine character.

The Hellsgate Fireflies Auxiliary will be selling raffle tickets, T-shirts, and caps and will also be pre-selling dinner tickets for the upcoming Labor Day Barbecue and bake sale on Sept. 3 in Tonto Village.

The Fireflies will be at the Bashas’ Outdoor Festival on Aug. 20 at the empty lot next to Taco Bell in the Bashas’ shopping center. The booths will offer food vendors, crafts, farmers market, drinks, and roasting Hatch green chiles.

Hours for the booths will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will also be available to purchase ribs, brats, burgers, and tri-tip steak. There will also be a person there who will put the event on YouTube.

Mead and Collins Ranch

The Hellsgate brush crew will be picking up brush piles from various communities within the Hellsgate District. In the Mead and Collins area the community site will be at the fire station #23. There should be only brush, no needles, no garbage or building supplies will be accepted.

In Tonto Village after Sept. 3, the site will be in the empty lot across from fire station #22 at the corner of Mathews and Johnson Boulevard. The sites will have to be coordinated with the fire department and should be an area that is easily accessible for the brush trailer and bobcat.

The brush pickup will continue through mid September. The brush can be put on the lot anytime until the middle of September and then will be picked up and hauled away by the brush crew.

Birthdays and anniversaries

Aug. 11 is a busy day for birthdays. Junior Barr of Bear Flat starts the day off followed by Denny Kindler also of Bear Flat. Debbie O’Donnell of Mead Ranch and Cris Lecher, captain of station #21 in Star Valley will all be celebrating their birthdays.

On Aug. 14, Hellsgate firefighter and paramedic will add another candle to her birthday cake.

On Aug. 15, Randy Slapnicka of Tonto Creek Estates will be one year older.

Eric and Maurine Kirchhoefer will celebrate 32 years of marriage. May you both continue to grow together in life and love. Happy anniversary.

Aug. 17 is Phon Sutton’s big day. Phon makes his home in Bear Flat and enjoys the little community immensely.

Brenda Wilcox will also be celebrating her big day on Aug. 17. Brenda is the wife of Pastor “Charlie” who was the pastor with the Tonto Village Chapel a few years back.

Aug. 18 is Hellsgate Fireflies vice president Joan Phippeny’s birthday. Joan makes her home at Diamond Point Summer Homes. Happy birthday to each of you, and enjoy the love, laughter and limelight that is yours on your birthday.

On a personal note, our third daughter, Vicki Nelson of Yuma, celebrated her 49th birthday on Aug. 10, and our son-in-law, Jeff Peterson, who lives in Denison, Iowa, will celebrate his birthday on Aug. 16. Love you guys. Happy birthday!

Double D Doings

The nine-ball team played on Tuesday evening. The nine-ball break pot was won by Sharon Marksbury. The winners of the competition were Kara Shaw, Ethel Cain and Jaki Partin.

On Thursday evening the eight-ball competition was won by Paige Ferriera, Harvey Poyner and Ethel Cain. Congratulations to all the winners.

The Double D will be hosting a motorcycle run sponsored by the Modified Motorcycle Association of Rim Country on Sept. 2 and 3. There will be a campout and jam sessions both days.


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