Everything Should Have Been Solved By Now



I’m torn. I couldn’t wait to express my admiration for Wendy Trainor’s intelligent, carefully thought-out letter to the editor when along came a brochure from Representative Gosar explaining that my medical insurance premiums could increase by $208 per year under the Obama Health Care Plan. This didn’t frighten me too much since during the last four years my insurance premium went from $30 each month to $340, then to $442 and lastly to $524 per month.

So, what should I write about? The fact that Paul Gosar signed on in support of an amendment to the Interior Department’s funding legislation, which would reverse a 20-year ban on mining near the Grand Canyon. I’m sure he would tell me it creates jobs. In my opinion, since the existing 1,000 mining claims are owned by international companies and profits go overseas, the possible jobs created, even if 1,000, could not possibly compensate for the pollution of our land, loss of clean water and tourism.

On the other hand, I could write to complain about Senator Jon Kyl’s latest opinion in the Roundup. He claims that we have hard times ahead and need to be tough in order to make a secure financial future.

Since he has been in Congress for nearly 26 years and is on the Finance Committee, you would think he and his fellow “Grover Norquist” friends would have solved everything by now. Anyway, thank you Wendy Trainor.

Sylvia Freeman


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