Find Something To Celebrate Every Day



Tom Brossart/Roundup

Daria Mason

At which PUSD school do you teach?

Payson High School and Rim Country Middle School.

What is your educational background?

Bachelor of Music Performance: San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Teacher Education and post graduate studies Northern Arizona University.

Why do you teach?

I believe in the transformative nature of education and especially of music and arts education. When students learn to put their heart and effort into the arts, they don’t look at the world the same ever again.

Personal Motto/Words of Wisdom?

There is something to appreciate and celebrate every day. Find it. Celebrate it! Taste it! Revel in it!

What’s your family like?

My current family is myself and my husband. Two teenage boys 15 and 18 and an exchange student girl who is 16.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

“I can’t” instead of “I can’t yet.”

What’s your favorite holiday or leisure activity?

I love to play music, sing, paint, scrapbook and travel.

Why did you choose Payson to teach?

There is no better place to spend 12 hours every day.

Growing up, who was your favorite teacher and why?

I have three. Mr. Williams (seventh grade social studies), he accepted me where I was at the time. Mr. Skipwith (fifth-eighth grade band), he told my parents I was wonderful. Mr. Harrison (high school band, choir), he taught me I could sing and showed me anything is possible when you believe and keep working toward your goal.

What was your favorite subject in school and why?

Music because every fiber of my being loves to sing, dance, direct and play flute.

What was your favorite year in school and why?

I loved my four years at Orange Glen High School because of the new experiences I had, the lifelong friends I made, and it’s role in shaping the person I was to become.


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