Payson Good Ol’ Boys And Girls Club



So let me get this straight. There have been three police officers that have not been able to keep their hormones in check. They’ve been harassing, texting and stalking women. While on duty and in uniform?

Our town manager is loaning money to a councilman? Doesn’t a gift ban ordinance and/or a conduct code exist that does not allow these types of actions by town staff?

Doesn’t the police chief have a morals code for staff.

I take offense and am insulted as a Payson citizen, homeowner and taxpayer that these executive positions and the council member in question have not been either asked to resign or suspended until investigations have been completed. Most municipal agencies, when unlawful wrongdoing has been found or suspected, handle personnel issues this way.

I can’t imagine having to work under this condition. That is just poor management and opens the question of favoritism and poor morale. I feel frustration for the other officers that are trying to be professional in their duties.

I know what I would be thinking. “Well here it is again. The chief is playing the Good Ol’ Boys Club again.” The professionalism of the executive leadership is what should be in question here. The discipline of these officers that did wrong should have been dismissal immediately. They over stepped their boundaries of professionalism as police officers. Do we as citizens want the piss-poor management that has taken place here? Especially when on the brink of this town having a surge of citizens with a new college that will bring 6,000 young men and women along with the extra businesses, employees and traffic to town?

I think it is time that we taxpaying citizens hold our mayor, council members, police chiefs and town’s executive staff accountable to us, the citizens.

Mil Thornton


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