Requested Propane Rate Increase Outrageous



I noticed in the Aug. 16 Payson Roundup, SemStream has requested a 26.82 percent increase for propane services here in Payson. Many of you may remember the price gouging that SemStream put us through a few years ago and I am outraged that in these tough economic times, the only people not suffering are our utility companies. They continue to request outrageous increases while the average American has not seen a cost of living raise in three years.

While it appears that the Corporation Commission will not begin hearings on this request until next January, I think the public needs to step up and speak out now. I do not understand why SemStream feels it needs these price increases today. Maybe they think they can squeak them through the Corporation Commission without anyone noticing. If you believe the news, the cost of propane and oil is falling. If anything, we should be seeing a reduction in our propane bills, not an increase.

For most American workers, salaries are frozen due to the current “dip in the economy.” Asking us to pay an average of $193.11 more a year, so that SemStream can generate an additional $1.6 million dollars in revenues, is asking too much. SemStream needs to get their house in order and cut costs like the rest of us if they are having “tough economic times.”

I would urge all Payson citizens to pick up their pens and begin the campaign to stop SemStream from requesting a 26 percent raise for their board of directors and shareholders, while the rest of us freeze to death this winter.

Kristi Kisler


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