Who Knew She Was A Superhero?


If you scanned the pages of comic books as a kid, or dreamed of having superpowers which enabled you to fly or shoot flames out of your fingers, I have a great story for you.

I met a superhero a couple of months ago, and boy did she change my life. She was magnificent in every way, and made other canines jealous with her special powers. The dog I’m writing about was named Socks. She was an older gal with a smile that made the other dogs “green with envy,” but she sat in the shelter for months with little to no interest from potential adopters.

Socks may have looked like an ordinary pooch, but she had a special power which she never bragged about. She would mysteriously sneak her “super-dog powers” into the mix, and the trance it sent people into was absolutely glorious. Now that I have hyped-up her unusual powers, I will share them with you.

Socks had the power to make everyone fall in love with her once they touched her. I’m not even making this up. The first time I brushed my palm against her smooth coat, I wanted to adopt her myself. She was at least 10 years old, and her spirit told a story full of wisdom and intelligence. Socks continuously would mesmerize the staff by her special powers, but when the public came in and passed her by, her special powers slowly got weaker and weaker.

Last Friday, something changed, though. A special family came in looking for a dog that would immediately bond with their son. Like most parents, they wanted a dog that would be great with children and a dog that would be easily housetrained. The young boy was immediately drawn to Socks, even before he was able to pet her. Something about Socks pulled him in to her presence.

The family decided to participate in HSCAZ’S “Foster to Adopt” program in order to take Socks home for a couple days to see if she would bond with their young son. Yesterday Socks came back, but her new family simply wanted to announce that they wanted to finalize the adoption paperwork. It turned out that Socks and the young boy bonded immediately. Her magnificent powers were now “out in the open.”

Socks now spends all of her time with her new, young friend. He walks her and feeds her, and Socks is eating up all of the attention. It was almost like she waited for this little boy to come into her life. I have never seen a dog bond with someone so quickly. Her smile is wider than ever, and believe it or not, her senior teeth even look brighter!

Now that I have told the story about Socks and her special powers, I have a favor to ask. If you see her walking down the street with her new, young sidekick, please don’t tell her that I told you about her special powers (she likes to keep them a secret).

I’m hoping that the story of the “Magnificent Socks” has made you want to come to the shelter and check out some of our other canines. No matter their age, they all have something special to offer.

If you have a special story about your HSCAZ adopted pet, please feel free to share it with us. You can reach us at kat.knauff@humanesocietycentralaz.org.

Adoption special continues

The Humane Society of Central Arizona reminds you that all adoptable adult dogs and cats are just $25 for approved adopters, now through Labor Day. All shelter pets are spayed or neutered and current on vaccinations. For more information, visit the shelter at 812 S. McLane Road; open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily; call (928) 474-5590 or go online to www.humane societycentralaz.org.

Here are some of the great pets available for adoption.


Chandra Cushman



Hermie is full of spunk and personality! He loves to cuddle with stuffed animals and has a blast playing with the other kittens. He is neutered and up to date on his vaccines. He is going to need a buddy he can play with, preferably another cat that can keep up with his roughhousing. This sweet boy will surely steal your heart.


Chandra Cushman



Silver is such a sweet little girl. She has the prettiest face and the softest meow. She is social with other cats and loves to play, play, play. She can be easygoing and affectionate too. She has been spayed, is current on vaccines and has passed her health tests. Silver will make a great addition to a loving family. Come by and see her today.


Chandra Cushman



Mumles is a 2-year-old medium haired spayed female. She has a tipped left ear, but is friendly as could be. She gets along well with other cats and is a cuddler. She loves to spend time with people and will do great in a loving hone. She is current on vaccines and passed her health tests.


Chandra Cushman



Ashanti is such a doll. If you are looking for an affectionate cat that is mature and easygoing, you should come see Ashanti. She is litter box trained and keeps her area neat and clean. She is lovable and enjoys quiet naps and sunbathing. She is about 3 years old, has been spayed and has received all of her shots.


Chandra Cushman



Lolita is so adorable! She has the prettiest green eyes and extra toes! This polydactyl is mellow and quiet. She would do great in a home where she can take naps beside you on the couch, and get plenty of belly rubs and ear scratches. This 4-year-old beauty is spayed and current on her vaccines.




Samuel is quite the character. This bubbly kitten acts just like that — a kitten. He loves to run and play and have a grand ol’ time. He gets along great with the other kittens and would love to have a buddy he can play and cuddle with. Samuel is neutered and current on his vaccines. Come meet this ball of fur today. We bet you won’t be able to leave without him.


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