Confusion From The Scientific Community



The Redrock Stonefly article of Aug. 19, shows the confusion the scientific community creates on what constitutes evolution.

Several times the author quoted the biologists who attributed characteristics in the species to evolution when in fact natural selection is responsible for the adaptation. Natural selection occurs when genes already in the DNA are selected, or in some cases to a reshuffling of the already existing genes. In order for the microbe to man Theory of Evolution to occur, useful information must be added to the DNA to allow the microbe to evolve into a man. Science has not discovered any mechanism that can add useful information to the DNA code.

Most scientists who have been trained in the evolutionary dogma refer to natural selection, which can be observed, as evolution and the general public won’t realize when the scientists switch over to one kind of animal becoming another kind, as inferred in the article on bats in the April 8, 2011 Payson Roundup written by the same author. That type of evolution has never been observed, it has only been inferred based on evolutionary presuppositions used in their interpretation of the fossil record.

The biblical concept of organisms reproducing after their own kind that is given 10 times in Genesis chapter 1 is still the most accurate statement of what is actually observed repeatedly in the natural world. Each of the kinds can have great variety due to natural selection, but the grasses have always been grasses and so forth. The most significant concept of all is the fact that humankind has always been humankind!

Pete Greer


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