Could Rains Be Signal?



I take issue that God gave us rights to attend the rodeo as stated in your editorial on Friday. I personally will not attend any event where animals may get injured just to show off man’s mastering his skills over the beasts. I’ve known of several people severely injured when thrown off horses and bulls.

While I cannot condone this event, I know others who do and would not try to impose my feelings on this subject as to limit their enjoyment of the rodeo.

Funny how the rains came this year and last to put a damper on the rodeo. Could this signal that God wants us to show kindness to His creatures?

Mari Janecek


Rex Hinshaw 5 years, 5 months ago

Mari, Do you know anything about the origins of rodeo? Do you eat any animal meat ? I suggest you are in the wrong part of the country.....try seafood and a costal community.


Greg Hoffman 5 years, 5 months ago

This is exactly why so many God Fearing-Loving Christians get such a bad rap. It’s because of people like you. You say you know of several people that that have been severely injured when thrown off horses and bulls. Did you pray for the healing of those injured? And you think it’s funny that during monsoon season it rained? If God wanted rodeos ended, he would end it. God gave man dominion over all animals. If you don’t like the way animals are treated at rodeos, by all means boycott them. But leave God out of it please.


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