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Friday’s article reporting on candidate Ann Kirkpatrick’s visit to Payson must be addressed. The reporter said the mood at Congressman Gosar’s meeting last week with the “Republican crowd came across as angry and uncompromising.” Gosar’s meeting was not with Republicans, but the Tea Party, a group of concerned Americans who value their children’s future. This Tea Party is comprised of Democrats, Independents and Republicans who want our federal government to be run just like they manage their own households. This meeting was opened to the public. I was at this meeting and I wouldn’t describe it as “angry and uncompromising” but instead “concerned and involved.”

They don’t like what’s been going on in Washington the last three years and expect their congressman to change the direction of where we are going as a country. Those in attendance learned more on the inner workings of Congress and how laws are negotiated and passed at this open meeting held by Gosar than was ever explained at an Ann Kirkpatrick town hall or open meeting. In fact, Gosar in seven months has had three open meetings in Gila County where Kirkpatrick in two years never had an open public meeting to explain her actions to the audience while in Congress.

Now the heading of the article was, “Congressional candidate concludes: It’s all about jobs.” I couldn’t agree more with that headline: “It’s all about jobs.” So let’s not just say those words, let’s look at the record. When Kirkpatrick took office in 2009, we had 133.5 million Americans working, now we have 130.7 million working or in other words, 2.8 million lost their jobs under Democratic leadership. Remember, Democrats had super majorities in both houses of Congress and the White House and their results was to have another 2.8 million become jobless.

Where did the Democrats focus their energy those two years — Stimulus, two omnibus bills and Obamacare. The stimulus cost more than $800 billion and we lose 2.8 million working Americans. The two omnibus bills added over $600 billion in extra spending and earmarks and again we lose jobs. Obamacare will add $2.7 trillion to the debt and it will only add jobs for the bureaucrats. You see, there is a law of physics working here. When you increase government spending, you take the money the feds spend from the private sector (and China) and pass it through the federal government where you get, at best, 40 cents to the dollar in government efficiency (oxymoron).

One more item — The article goes on to discuss Kirkpatrick’s position on Medicare. We know her position, she said it when she voted for Obamacare. In Obamacare, they cut $500 billion from Medicare and used that money to help pay for the 35 million people who don’t have health insurance coverage.

For those on Medicare, let me share with you just two points to ponder: I recently saw a projection of monthly Medicare premiums for those on the program. This year it’s $96.40 per month, going to $104.20 a month in 2012, $120.20 in 2013 and a whopping $247 in 2014 if Obamacare is implemented as is. Second, under current law, Medicare payments to physicians is to drop by 29 percent Jan. 1, 2012. You know many doctors will discontinue helping Medicare patients and the quality of medical coverage will only get worse for those on Medicare. If you want to have a sleepless night, just read the last three pages of the Medicare Actuary Report for 2011 at downloads/tr2011.pdf.

Remember, Kirkpatrick voted for Obamacare and this is what will happen if left unchecked. We must repeal Obamacare.

Fortunately Congressman Gosar and the Republicans submitted a plan to fix Medicare that will be less expensive than what Obamacare and current law does. But the Democratic Senate led by Senator Harry Reid will not even allow a hearing on the bill. We cannot even debate its merit in the public square, Senate Democrats don’t want to even discuss ideas on how to fix the train we are on. You get this idea in the Kirkpatrick article when it’s stated, “she remained vague on an alternative plan to shore up Medicare …” The Democrats like to talk, but offer no real plans (sure sounds like a lack of leadership). The Republican led House of Representatives passed a bipartisan plan to address the Medicare problem only to have it tabled and shut down for discussion in the Democratic led Senate.

It’s time to become “angry and uncompromising” by calling Democratic Senator Harry Reid at (202) 224-3542 to bring up the Ryan plan for saving America and let’s have an honest debate.

Don Ascoli, chairman

Gila County Republican Party


Dan Varnes 5 years, 4 months ago

So much truth in that article. Thanks, Don.

Kirkpatrick should realize that America just can't take anymore of her party's pandering and destructive policies.


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