District Adds Computer Tech While Cutting Payroll Costs


Such a deal: Anyone interested in one-and-a-half computer techs for less than the cost of one?

Count the Payson school board in.

The board recently unanimously approved a shuffle in the district’s computer support department spurred by 10-year veteran Chuck Young’s desire to spend more time with his family. Young proposed semi-retirement, dropping from full-time to half-time work with the department, according to a memo by Technology Coordinator Joni de Szendeffy.

Currently, Young’s 12-month contract costs the district $35,000 in salary and about $12,000 in benefits. The new arrangement would add a new, cheaper full-time computer tech on top of Young’s brand new half-time job, which would pay $11 an hour plus benefits. The new full-time, year-round position could cost $32,000 in salary and benefits and the half-time, nine-month position would cost about $9,000 in salary and benefits.

As a result, the district would end up saving $5,500 and end up with one-and-a-half computer techs, while still keeping Young’s knowledge of the district’s computer systems, concluded de Szendeffy.

“We would retain the expertise and experience of Mr. Young in the part-time position. His valuable knowledge of our district and the substantial and significant growth we have made over the years is immeasurable. Another advantage to this staffing ratio is that it will provide our highest amount of resources during the school year when it matters most to our students, teachers and staff,” de Szendeffy concluded.

“We add a field tech and save $5,000,” explained Superintendent Casey O’Brien at Monday’s board meeting.

Board member Rory Huff said “I just hope we’re not creating a position for a specific person again.”

“What happens when he doesn’t want to do it anymore?” asked board member Kim Pound.

“You’re right, we may have to eliminate the other position at that point. This will provide stability to the tech department and at the moment, that’s about the best we can afford,” said O’Brien.

“We’re getting 60 hours of manpower for less than we were paying for 40 hours,” said board president Barbara Underwood.


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