A Labor Day Secret



How easy it is to blame the other guy when things don’t go your way.

Did you forget that the Democrats have had control of the House of Representatives since 2006 and both the Senate and the House in the first two years of the Obama administration. They couldn’t get any jobs created when they had full control of both houses and a Democrat in the White House.

With all the stimulus money spent by the Democrats, unemployment went up to the current 9.1 percent. You cannot create jobs by wasteful spending, and fat government bureaucracy.

Maybe Obama considers that creating jobs only applies to government jobs, not the private sector. He sure has created a lot of those high-paying jobs with fat benefits. If the Democrats want to create jobs — get a plan — oh yeah, does he look like he has a plan?

He says he does, but it’s a secret until after Labor Day — I’m sure we can hardly wait!

Dave Warthen


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