Semstream Déjà Vu



Many of you are sure to recall when SemStream came to Payson a few years ago and immediately jacked up the rates they charged for propane. This caused a major ruckus which was eventually refereed by the Arizona Corporation Commission. SemStream was ordered to refund their customers the amounts they were overcharged.

In the Aug. 16 Payson Roundup you may have read that SemStream has requested a 26.82 percent increase in rates. The nation and this town are in a recession. My Social Security payments have had no cost-of-living adjustments in two years, and these buffoons actually have the audacity to propose an outlandish increase in propane rates. The cost of propane and oil is coming down, so rates should be headed down, not up.

Kristi Kisler’s excellent letter in last Friday’s Payson Roundup covered this nonsense in greater detail. She makes a point that we need to write the Arizona Corporation Commission to protest the proposed rate increase.

If enough of us do that, it is very likely that they will intercede and assure that good sense is achieved in this matter. So when you finish reading this, kindly head to your desk or kitchen table and compose a firm letter to the ACC and send it off. Together we can head this beast off at the pass.

Michael Macfarlane


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