Typhoon Sunglasses A Hit At Flw Cup Expo


The fishing and hunting expo at the recent Forrest Wood Cup at Hot Springs, Ark. was attended by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts. Typhoon sunglasses were one of the biggest hits — with new styles of protective eye wear for the fishermen and other water enthusiasts. The display was always crowded with anglers wanting to try on the latest in eye protection. Many of the FLW Tour pros, who are the best bass fishermen in the world, wanted to try on the new AquaView Hydrophobic Polarized sunglasses and all gave a very positive review for clarity and comfort.

Obviously, I was intrigued at the growing interest in this newest style of sunglasses made by Typhoon, so I attended the demonstration and was very impressed by the product. The key word is AquaView, which means being able see into the water with minimal glare and still have that all important clarity that allows an angler to see a fish or its distinct shadow. The bottom line is that they passed my personal test with flying colors, so I wanted to know more.

When fishing in the Arizona sun, eyestrain and protection are paramount for those long days on the water. With 100 percent UV resistance and the adjustable nosepiece for comfort, the lightweight Typhoons are the perfect fit for bass and trout fishermen.

The polarized polycarbonate lens is essential when locating a bass in the spring or summer conditions on Roosevelt Lake if the water is in the semi-clear state where the depth may be 7 or 8 feet. Likewise for the trout angler peering into the swift water of a Rim Country stream.

The Typhoon Quartermaster reduces the glare from the surface of the water and allows an angler to see into the deeper and shaded areas where fish will hide.

I am always interested in getting the best product for the most competitive price, especially in these tough economic times. The AquaView Quartermaster has a price tag from $49.95 to $59.95 in comparison to the high-dollar sunglasses in the $100 to $200 range where one is often paying for a brand name.

Typhoon sunglasses surpass my expectations in eye wear when I am sight fishing on Roosevelt Lake for springtime crappies or sneaking along a fast-running trout stream casting to that next rainbow or brown trout.

For more information, go to typhoon optics.com on the Internet where there is a complete information chart, styles available, color of lenses and, of course, a price list.

By the way, if you didn’t know, 2/3 of the earth is water, so He must have wanted us to enjoy fishing. See you on the lake, and enjoy God’s creation.


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