Payson Academic Scores Dropping



I read with interest the Roundup story Aug. 23 “College-bound Payson students excel on crucial ACT test.” Allow me to correct some mistakes.

Certainly the 2011 scores were strong, but they did not represent the strongest performance in the last five-year period. The 2010 scores (which happened to be Sandoval, Fruth and Lobik’s last year) were the highest. Consider the following:

Number of students taking the test: 2010 - 57; 2011 - 47 — A 17 percent decrease.

Average English Score: 2010 - 23.4; 2011 - 22.7 — A decrease.

Average Math Score: 2010 - 24.1; 2011 - 23.7 — A decrease.

Average Reading Score: 2010 - 24.0; 2011 - 24.0 — Same

Average Science Score: 2010 - 23.5; 2011 - 23.5 — Same.

Composite Score: 2010 - 23.9; 2011 - 23.6 — A decrease.

College Readiness in English: 2010 - 84 percent of 57; 2011 - 85 percent of 47 — An increase of 1 percent.

College Readiness in Math: 2010 - 70 percent of 57 students; 2011 - 65 percent of 47 students — A decrease of 5 percent.

College Readiness in Reading: 2010 - 77 percent of 57 students; 2011 - 66 percent of 47 students — A decrease of 11 percent.

College Readiness in Science: 2010 - 47 percent of 57 students; 2011 - 45 percent of 47 students — A decrease of 2 percent.

Students showing college readiness in all four: 2010 - 42 percent of 57 students; 2011 - 38 percent of 47 students — A decrease of 4 percent.

In conclusion, 17 percent fewer students took the test in 2011 and performed below the 2010 class in seven of 10 categories. Two categories stayed the same.

Only one category, English College Readiness, increased.

Source of information: ACT Executive Summary for Payson High School.

I understand the Roundup’s information came from a press release, with a “spin” attempting to overshadow the fact that Payson High School scores also dropped in all three of the AIMS areas and of course superintendent/board past decisions.

People value information that is accurate and true. What is true is: giant jungle gyms are going up, gym roofs are going up — but academic scores by empirical measures are going down and the accuracy of information coming out of the district is questionable.

Roy Sandoval


Greg Hoffman 5 years, 4 months ago

Just when you thought we had heard the last of him, he is back again in the paper popping off about how bad things are here without him. Take a page from Tim. Have some class, enjoy the White Mountains and just go away will ya. Payson High is doing just fine without you.


roysandoval 5 years, 4 months ago

I'm Sorry Mr. Hoffman, but I am a lifelong constituent, homeowner taxpayer and citizen of Payson. I probably will not be going away any time soon...and those numbers are true and accurate. Thanks for the consideration though.


Judi Lance 5 years, 4 months ago

Thank you Mr. Sandoval. The public needs to know that the District makes errors - including those in judgement. Most critical and harmful error in judgement is having the current Principal of Payson High School in that position. The School District's Core Values include Six Pillars of Character, where she does not possess 3 of them - Fairness, Caring and Respect. I don't believe she's qualified. Judi Lance


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