Assessor’S Questions In Dispute



Today I received a letter from the office of Dale Hom assessor for Gila County. I am sure everyone will get one. I received two copies as I own two houses in Payson; below is the first paragraph.

You are listed as the owner of the above-referenced residential use property in the County Assessor’s records. The Assessor’s Office has reason to believe the above-referenced property is not your primary residence, or is rented to someone other than a “qualified family member” as defined suant to A.R.S. 42-12053(A) (2), (see below), and therefore should be reclassified from Class Three to Class Four (i.e., reclassified as a non-primary residential use property).

Won’t type all the rest but they are crazy and wasting more money with all the crap they have sent out since September on property tax.

I have lived in one of the houses for five years. My son and his family have lived in the other one since 2001.

Now I have to fill out a page of dumb questions for both properties, one of the questions is really good.

Question 3.

Does my spouse claim a different primary residence? If you answered yes to question 3, provide the address of your spouse’s primary residence below and explain why you and your spouse have two primary residences.

My answer to this I going to be, my spouse is in the Payson Pioneer Cemetery. Reason: He died on the 13 of Nov. 2010.

Pat Randall


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