Self-Taught Artist Following Her Dream To Paint


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

This is the story of an artist with a longtime dream come true.

Terry Glad Flores has lived in Payson since 1992 and has a passion and amazing talent of painting. She is a self-taught artist that after many years of self-teaching was introduced to the world renowned artist, Robert Freeman.

Terry attended a workshop at Robert Freeman’s studio and that is when her passion for painting grew even more. Terry has won awards along the way including Judge’s Choice and Best of Show honors in the Gila County Fair in 2000.

Terry’s dream as an artist has always been to paint Native American celebrities. Her dream began when Terry’s daughter, Soft Fawn, researched and found actor and model Rick Mora.

Mora has been in many movies including “Twilight,” “The Dead and the Damned,” and “Yellow Rock,” just to name a few.

Mora gave Terry permission to paint him with honors and recently Terry met Mora in Palm Springs with the painting. She plans on doing another painting of him as well.

This is just the start to Terry’s dream.

She was recently invited to Robert Freeman’s art exhibit on Nov. 12. When asked why she only paints Native Americans her response was, “Myself, my siblings and a handful of cousins are the last of our Blood Quantum. I would like to keep our heritage alive within my paintings for my grandchildren and their grandchildren, and so on.”

Terry would love the opportunity to paint more Native American celebrities and continue her dream. You can find some of her amazing paintings at

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