County Drops Theft Case Against Doctor’S Ex-Wife


A judge has granted the Gila County attorney’s office request to dismiss the case against a woman accused of taking advantage of a hospice patient.

On Dec. 5, Superior Court Judge Peter Cahill vacated all future hearings and dismissed the charges against Heather Driscoll.

Driscoll, formerly the wife of Dr. Michael Lowe, had faced two counts of theft from a vulnerable adult.

In November, a jury found Lowe not guilty of the same charges.

The state alleged that both Lowe and Driscoll took advantage of Alicia Christopherson, a patient of Lowe’s, to take over her assets.

During Lowe’s trial, however, defense attorney Elizabeth Flynn showed that Christopherson wrote Lowe into her will and trust of her own choosing and did so when she was still healthy enough to do so.

After listening to a week of testimony, a jury acquitted Lowe.

After the trial, the Gila County county attorney’s office said it had not decided if it would go forward with Driscoll’s March 20 scheduled trial.

On Dec. 2, Deputy County Attorney Lacy Cooper asked the court to drop all charges against Driscoll without prejudice.


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