Energy Independence Roadblocks Need To Be Removed



Thank you for publishing the article by Senator Jon Kyl regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline. This needs to be mandatory reading for the entire U.S. population. Because Senator Kyl is a gentleman and a diplomat, he did not write that President Obama has no credibility.

He did not say that we can’t believe a word he says. He did state that while our president mouths the need for us to become less dependent on imported oil but seemingly does everything he can to block any effort to do so.

Sen. Kyl has served us well for many years and the tone of his article is excellent, but I’m of the opinion that if the mass of the population were to know that President Obama has put us in a position of losing the 830,000 barrels of oil per day that we could be getting from our best neighbor and friend, Canada, all the while forcing them to sell their product to China, I don’t think the reaction would be so diplomatic.

Someone said that we need to get mad, and I certainly am mad that we have this kind of resource at hand while our president claims concern, but makes us vulnerable. Remember that it is Obama who puts up the roadblocks to energy independence when you vote.

Congratulations to you and Senator Kyl for the great information.

Sarah Mortenson


Ted Paulk 5 years, 1 month ago

Kyl, the gentleman, doesn't bash Obama?!!! That's all this old man who protects his RICH constituents does!


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