Dry Winter Predictions Are Not Coming True


Wasn’t there a person or persons who predicted that this winter would be a dry winter?

Well, Mother Nature is outdoing herself in the precipitation area. This is no complaint, on my part. The weather in the Rim Country played a major part in our decision to make this area our permanent home.

Can anyone blame us after spending 35 years in Yuma, one of the driest places in the U.S.

My second daughter Eileen called today and told us that it is raining “buckets” there today. That could only mean that the rain has fallen at the right time of year and the desert will be in bloom in February and March. It is a beautiful sight.

Getting back to the Rim Country: Mead Ranch is now reporting as of 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, 18 inches of snow. Bear Flat is reporting 20 inches of a combination of snow and rain as of Tuesday morning. They have almost caught up with the total average for the year. The average is 26.53 inches and as of today, they are reporting 23.20 inches of precipitation.

Tonto Village is reporting, unofficially, 15 inches of snow.

Road crew hard at work

The Gila County road crew has come through a couple of times to clear Johnson Boulevard and as of Tuesday evening, the street looks clear. The side roads however, still are not clear even though the truck came through and plowed one car wide of a path.

People are still parking their vehicles in the street even though there is an ordinance that states that there be no parking on the street from November until April.

A word of caution when the electricity is out. If you use a generator, make sure there is proper ventilation and not near a window. Carbon monoxide can seep through the windows causing poisoning.

Be aware where the generator is located and a monitor would be very helpful in tracking the gases.

Hellsgate Fire Department

The 29th Hellsgate Christmas party was held this past Friday evening at the Lamplighter Community Room.

There was excellent prime rib and roast chicken prepared by Chief Hatch along with a plethora of side dishes prepared by the firefighters’ spouses, and board members and the Fireflies Auxiliary.

It was a fun evening for everyone, and the evening was dedicated to a staunch supporter of the fire department for many years. Eleanor Lay, who passed away recently, was dedicated to the fire department and was a firm supporter of the department. She will be missed by all the people who knew her.

Special guests for the evening were Jeff Shaw and his lovely wife Kara. Jeff suffered a tragic fall off of a scaffold months ago and is still recuperating and going through therapy. Jeff had just begun his probationary period with Hellsgate and it is hoped that he will be able to continue in the near future.

Food Drive

The firefighters, their spouses and the Fireflies Auxiliary have been collecting canned goods for the food drive sponsored by St. Philip’s Catholic Church and distributed to the needy. So far, 82 pounds have been collected and the drive will continue until a few days before Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed not only with food, but also with money. The Rim Country is blessed with caring and giving people.

Mail Delivery

Karen, our wonderful mail carrier for Tonto Village and the surrounding areas has contacted me about putting a notice in my column regarding people picking up their mail in a timely manner.

According to Karen, there are people who do not pick up their mail for two to three weeks at a time. She cannot deliver packages because there is no room.

The mail boxes are limited. Karen would like to be able to deliver Christmas packages to everyone, but in most cases she has to leave a message to pick up the packages in town. She tries to avoid that by calling the people and have them meet her in some cases.

Karen is asking everyone to pick up their mail at least every other day during the Christmas season.


Dec. 19 is a special day for Tonto Village II resident Rita Spalink. Rita will add another candle to her birthday cake.

Rita makes fantastic potato rolls for the bake sale for the Fireflies every year.

Carol O’Dell of Thompson Draw II and Weatherford Texas will celebrate another year on Dec. 22.

Carol helps the Fireflies every year with the fund-raisers, her help is invaluable. Thank you for volunteering to help raise necessary funds for the firefighters.

On Dec. 23, Jan Farmer, X-ray technician extraordinaire for Payson Regional Medical Center adds another candle to her birthday cake. Happy birthday to each and everyone.

Double D Christmas Party

 The annual Double D Christmas party is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 18 at 3 p.m. in the restaurant area. Please bring a dish to share.

This potluck put on by Danny and Ethel Cain is always a popular event for everyone in the surrounding area to catch up with all the news plus enjoying some great food and participate in some Christmas cheer. See you there!


Mike Suchman 5 years, 1 month ago

I can't wait till get down there in April to tour my property over in Concho. Then move in this fall. I really miss Az.


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