Keep Your Tax Dollars In Payson



Every year at this time many people pause to determine how to best contribute to local charities, and decide

which ones they should consider. They also start to think about the fact that we have to prepare for income taxes once again. If you are thinking about these things, you should consider giving to organizations that qualify as a Charitable

Tax Contribution (CTC) charity. In essence, this qualification provides you with a “tax credit” on your AZ taxes, which allows you to reduce your AZ tax liability, dollar for dollar, up to $400 a couple, or $200 individually. If you contribute to a CTC qualified charity, the contribution also can be claimed as an itemized deduction on your federal return.

Payson Area Habitat for Humanity (PAHH) is certified by the AZ Dept. of Revenue as a qualified CTC charity. We have many plans for 2012 and look forward to building our next home as soon as funds permit. In the meantime we have some exciting new projects in mind to help local people. These include Neigh - borhood Revitalization, the Brush with

Kindness painting program for low income seniors and families, critical home repairs, and weatherizing homes for people in need here in the Rim Country. All these programs and future home building depends on the generosity and volunteering of our friends and neighbors in the area.

We know many of you contribute to the schools, because they are also qualified for CTC. What you may not know, is that you can contribute to multiple CTC charities and receive that tax credit on AZ taxes, up to the extent of your AZ tax liability. Once again, you also get to claim each of those contributions as a deduction on your federal taxes.

Lastly, you have several options to contribute to Payson Habitat for Humanity, which include: mailing your check, made out to PAHH, to P.O. Box 1131, Payson, AZ 85547, or, dropping it off at the ReStore (behind McDonald’s), or calling our administrative office (474-0330) and we will make arrangements to pick it up from you.

Fred Badger, president,



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