Many Rim Country Residents Need Help This Holiday Season


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

I am wishing each and everyone of you a very blessed and Merry Christmas.

Let’s not forget the true meaning of the holiday season. In a time where the economy seems to be improving, but is still not back to where it could be.

Where people are still dealing with the loss of maybe their jobs, or their homes brought on by the recession.

Where some families who have members in the armed services will be seeing their loved one for the first time in a long time and where others will be grieving the loss of someone that never made it back or will never be the same due to injury.

It is time to remember just what the holidays are all about. Many people are in a hurry to find that special gift, the biggest gift, the most expensive gift. Stop and think of those who are less fortunate, often from events outside of their control.

Stop and think about those who don’t know where their next meal might come from, or how they will clothe their children, and the next time you pass a Santa ringing a bell just drop anything you can in the bucket.

It doesn’t have to be a lot for it all adds up if everyone would just put in a little. When you pass an angel tree take an angel off and purchase a gift for a child, for it may be all they get.

Put coats and blankets in the boxes for those that need warm clothes and give to the local food banks for those who are in need of a meal.

Maybe donate your time or energy at a local animal shelter or better yet, maybe save an animal by adopting one. There is a great program out there where folks rescue an animal and then donate it to a senior citizen for companionship. What a neat idea!

This is the season to be reminded that we should look out for those less fortunate and in doing so you’ll likely put a smile on the face of a fellow human being, and likely a smile on your face to boot. I would like to thank Mikey Marazza for her help with this article.

As always, I do need your help with content and stories! For anyone wanting to submit information from the Christopher Creek area for inclusion in our weekly article, please e-mail me at: Any submitted pictures must be full-size (typically around 1MB per picture). The cutoff time for inclusion in Friday’s article is close of business on Monday.

Thanks again for reading the column.


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