Do Not Return Redistricting Back To The Legislature



Voters established the independent commission in 2001 to draw new legislative district lines after the 2010 Census. Sen. Allen said the task of drawing the district lines should be returned to the lawmakers.

If we let this happen, we would be letting the foxes back in the hen house. She further states in the Payson Roundup, “We’ve been taught to hate the Legislature.” “Hate” is a strong word, especially when you’re talking about other people.

I don’t hate anybody that represents and serves in city, county, state or federal governments. I know of them, but I don’t know them personally.

I am disappointed that as a collective body they just can’t seem to work anything out without name-calling and spreading fear to promote their position.

Senator Allen would like us to fear that the Independent Redistricting Committee will redesign Arizona into a “blue state.”

I feel bad for the two Republican commission members. I want to believe that all their efforts so far have been for the good of all of Arizona.

State Senator Allen would like Gila County to intervene to file a brief to block these maps. Who’s going to pay for this? You and me, the taxpayers.

While serving on a civic committee a member told the whole group “Don’t come up with any big ideas, unless you can pay for it.” Good advice for all levels of government.

With all the waging war on ideological differences that goes on, maybe it’s the Legislature and not the voters that are losing sight that despite our differences, we are and will always be Americans.

State Senator Allen believes she’s right, I hope my fellow Americans don’t believe she is.

Charles Almendarez


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