Christmas Time Was A Tearful Reunion With Family


My hubby Bill and I took a nostalgic ride through the past when we first came to Yuma back in 1967.

At that time, there was no interstate from Phoenix, and Highway 85 was a dangerous highway with two-way traffic.

The road continued to Highway 80 which was filled with agriculture and citrus orchards by the mile.

Since that first trip was in the latter part of June, it was extremely hot by 10 a.m. I remember stopping along huge salt cedar trees with the family to take a break from the scorching sun.

We marveled at the lemons on the trees and we took a needed break from the sun. So on our way to Yuma for Christmas, we decided to take that same route again to see if there was any difference.

Well, the trees were still there, some of the groves were there, and the McElhaney stock yards were still there, so not too many changes had taken place in 44 years.

The worker buses were still being decorated for the holidays and lettuce is now the king crop in the Yuma area.

Gila Bend is changing fast. The solar plant that is planned in that area has produced a growth spurt in highway construction and promises to change Gila Bend forever.

We finally ended our nostalgic look at the past when we reached our son Bill Jr.’s home in the Foothills. Our grandson Brian, or I should say Lance Corporal Brian Snyder had just arrived from Camp Pendleton, via Afghanistan.

It was a tearful reunion to have him safely back home, especially for Brian’s girlfriend, Sarah, who came in from Benson to be with him.

Our son and daughter-in-law invited a Cpl. David Morgan from Marine Corps Air Station to spend Christmas with the family.

David would not be able to get back to Orange, Texas to see his family so he would’ve had to spend Christmas at the Marine base.

He enjoyed himself immensely and was on hand for Christmas morning to open presents and later on for Christmas dinner.

Two tables were put together to fit everyone at the feast that our daughter-in-law Shari put together. One of my granddaughters, Kathy, came from San Diego, accompanied by our daughter Vicki. Billy and Shari’s other children, Gatlyn and Christian were also there to complete the full table filled with all the trimmings for a great turkey dinner.

One day left in 2011

There is only one more day left in December. A time for reflection and wishes for a better year in 2012. Birthdays for the first week in January are: Jan. 1, Janet Snyder and Mikey Marazza. Mikey used to write the Christopher Creek column. On Jan. 3, Stu Stewart of Tonto Village I tacks on another year.

Bobby Mollere of Diamond Point and a firefighter for the Hellsgate Fire Department will be another year older, and John Lacey also a Hellsgate firefighter is going to celebrate his big day on Jan. 5.

Have a wonderful time bringing in the new year with your birthday.

To all of my readers, I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!


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