Good Points Made During Supervisors Meeting



If you’re paper is going to report on a public hearing, it would be good to get information properly attributed. I am referring to the article about the board of supervisors agreeing to the sale of land to the SLE without stipulation on its use. I did not say that I was worried about something like a “sawmill” being built. I do believe that Ms. Dye may have said that, as it had never occurred to me. Perhaps someone may have heard me mutter about a Burger King?

Several very good points were made during that meeting in regard to the intelligence of having a contract that would have some deed restrictions as they could not be added at a later date, but these were pushed aside by the supervisors who had already made up their minds. I think that the comment made by someone that best sums the situation up is a “lack of transparency”!

Joanne Bergman

Editor’s note: The Roundup stands by correctness of the story and information related to what the letter writer said.


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