Question For Senator Kyl



Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl gets the lion’s share of opinion space in the Payson paper.

This seems appropriate in that the area is predominantly conservative and his views are likely to be appealing to the readers. Still a civil exchange of views serves the country well, so let me ask Senator Kyl to be a little more specific. The huge deficit our country faces is made up of three items: Medicare, Social Security and Defense. Eliminating waste in all other areas will not begin to balance our budget.

I would ask the senator where he will make the cuts needed to put our financial house in order. Do our local seniors want to balance our budget enough to see their Social Security checks cut, their Medicare benefits shortened or slash our war efforts against the terrorists?

Phon Sutton

Editor’s Note: Jon Kyl is a United States senator from Arizona and represents Payson. That is why he gets a column when it is submitted for publication. All elected officials have that same standing offer.


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