Brush Piles To Be Burned In Next Two Weeks

Bill Snyder shows off his collection of Chevrolet models which includes the first car that was produced for the general public. The car was the Series C Classic Six model and was priced at $2,150.

Bill Snyder shows off his collection of Chevrolet models which includes the first car that was produced for the general public. The car was the Series C Classic Six model and was priced at $2,150.


February is a very diversified month as far as holidays and celebrations go. This week alone there is Groundhog Day on Feb. 2. As of now, I do not know if he has seen his shadow. The news from across the country suggests that winter is here with a vengeance. We in the Rim Country and Arizona should consider ourselves very fortunate that we live here.

Chinese New Year is now celebrating the year of the rabbit. I looked up on their calendar and I am a rabbit. According to their beliefs, I should have a warm and affectionate nature, and can solve almost any problem with diplomacy and I should be able to attract wealth and prosperity. I am still waiting for that wealth, I think my ship sank !

Chevrolet celebrates 100th anniversary year

My husband reminded me that this year Chevrolet is celebrating its centennial year. The first vehicle produced for the general public came out in 1911 with a touring car. Bill has a collection of Chevrolet models including that 1911 touring car. He has been a Chevy man about as long as I have known him and he is proud of his collection. There has not been any word yet from General Motors whether they will have some kind of celebration or any promotional deals. There is quite a bit of information on the 100th year on the Internet if you are interested.

Brush piles

On a more serious note, I contacted a spokesperson from the Payson Ranger District this past week about the huge piles of brush surrounding the homes that back the forest. There has been some concern by the residents about the potential fire danger if the weather turns dry and the likelihood of spontaneous combustion. The Ranger District is well aware of the danger and is in the process of burning those piles in areas in Geronimo Estates and Pine. I heard on the radio that the brush crew is starting to burn in the Christopher Creek area this week. I was assured that the brush piles in Tonto Village should start in the next two weeks, if the weather cooperates. The homeowners should be cautioned that when the piles are burned, there will be residual smoke, so anyone with respiratory issues should take extra precautions.

Hellsgate Fire Department

The board of the Hellsgate Fire Department will be holding its February meeting Wednesday, Feb. 9. Starting time will be at 5:30 p.m. at station #21 in Star Valley. The meetings are always open to the public and public comment is welcome.

Hellsgate is now in the process of accepting applications for new hires through Feb. 28. Applications are available at the office at station #21.

The Friends and Family CPR class is open for participants. The class will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 15 at the Star Valley Fire Station. Call Karen Carlen at the administrative office in Star Valley or call her at 474-3835 to sign up. If you have never had any instruction in CPR, this is so very important knowledge for everyone. You could help save a life. Sign up today.

Bus service

Good news for Star Valley. The Payson Senior Center will now pick up residents and take them to Payson under a grant from the Arizona Lottery and a general fund. The sign-up form for this service can be picked up at the Star Valley Town Hall. Cost is a $10 registration fee. Handicapped persons do not have to pay. The rides will be available every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is very good news for people who do not drive. They now have a way to do their shopping, etc.


Betty Lusson, mother of Debbie Dawson, who is the chairperson of the Christopher Creek Fire Board, passed away recently. Betty was very active in the fire department for years and had been a resident of Christopher Creek for many years. The Hellsgate Fireflies wish to express their sympathies to Debbie and her family for their profound loss. Betty will be sorely missed.


Phyllis Mullen Ballard starts off February with her birthday on Feb. 1. Phyllis was a longtime resident of Tonto Village and volunteered for many years with the auxiliary to the fire department, then known as the Tonto Village Fire Department, and the “Fire Sirens.” Phyllis comes to visit every year, and in fact still has property here in the Village.

Hellsgate fire captain John Wisner celebrates his birthday Feb. 5 along with Lorraine “Bo” Mathews. Bo also was a longtime resident of the Village and still visits every so often. Bill “Willie” Houdek has his big day Feb. 6. Happy birthday to all of you and savor each day for the gift that it is.

Double D Doings

The Super Bowl is almost here and the Double D is gearing up for the super celebration party Sunday, Feb. 4. Don’t forget to sign up for any munchies that you would like to bring . The sign-up sheet is in the bar area.

Last Tuesday evening, the nine-ball competition was held and Betty Koutz, Bobbie Davis and Judy Tolley shot for the top honors.

The newly formed men’s competition was held on Thursday evening. Michael Bryan, Tim Reed and John Watson were the three top shooters. Congratulations to all the winners.


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