Payson Mayor’S Son Dies Suddenly In The Valley


Payson Mayor Kenny Evans’ son, Rodger, died unexpectedly on Monday.

As of Tuesday morning, the family had not released any details of the death of Rodger Evans, 43, since they were still attempting to notify other members of the extensive, extended family.

Mayor Evans posted the following message on his Facebook page:

“My Cherokee forefathers had a saying that ‘some kindred spirits are just too gentle to live among wolves.’ My oldest son Rodger was just such a spirit. Shortly before noon today at age 43, he learned what is on the other side of that portal we call death. I am sure that with his quick wit, he is probably saying something like ‘Okay you guys, I know what’s over here ... but I ain’t gonna tell you!’ Rodger was a gentle giant with a tender heart.

“As we make this journey together through life, may we take the time to be a little kinder, to listen with our hearts and see what eyes cannot see and may we ever, ever be mindful of those kindred spirits who truly are too ‘gentle to live among wolves.’ signed: a broken hearted dad.”


Dan Haapala 5 years, 11 months ago

Kenny, I feel a deep sorrow for your loss. I know the pain must be great, bless you for your strength and comfort to others during this time. Far too often people in the public eye are criticized and ridiculed for their statements, philosophies and dreams they have for those around them. Some believe the efforts are self centered but I have watched you for years and believe with all my heart your efforts are for others. You'll now have a voice above to help in your efforts, listen for it. Dan.


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