Suspend Pension Plans, Health Insurance For State, Federal Works To Pay For Low-Income Health Needs



Republicans claim to be “pro life” and I guess they are if you’re an embryo. If, however, that embryo makes it to full term, it had better be born healthy, have plenty of money and have health insurance or Republicans will just as soon watch you die.

This newspaper printed a ridiculous political cartoon and Jon Kyl’s weekly rant about National Health Insurance Reform (the correct name of the legislation) in the Feb. 8 edition.

Kyl admits that Republican-run Arizona is now rationing insurance to its low income population. They have let two people die so far because they stopped Medicaid funding for seven kinds of transplant surgeries. He blames the current crisis on Obama’s government health care system. Mr. Kyl, that doesn’t go into affect until 2014, so it’s obviously not the problem today!

There are 98 low-income people in Arizona that were approved for transplants and are awaiting their surgeries. These procedures have now been cut, and the surgeries canceled from the budget. These people are on their own. President Obama would like these people to live. This is, sadly, Republican death panels at work and you will see more of incidents like this without National Health Insurance Reform.

Governor Brewer is asking the federal government for waivers on health programs the state cannot afford so we can balance our budget. Ms. Brewer told us all late last year during her campaign that she balanced the budget. Was that a lie?

Is all of this a statement about President Obama and his demands for health insurance for everyone, or more the fact that the State of Arizona cannot manage their/our money?

How about we suspend all pension plans and health insurance for all state and federal workers? They can participate in a 401(k) and pay their own insurance premiums like the rest of us. That will leave plenty of money to care for the least of our brethren.

Deborah Paulk

Editor’s note: Part of the Obamacare health reform bill has already started. Other parts, due to the cost, don’t begin until 2014 and even later.


Michael Alexander 5 years, 11 months ago

This is a typical example of a partisan blinded by bias. When trying to make a point that may indeed be worthy, she simply can't mask the hatred, allowing her rhetoric to alienate the majority of readers. Such people should be advised to do a deep breathing exercise before unloading on the rest of us. Who knows... we might actually be inclined to listen.


Dan Varnes 5 years, 11 months ago

QUOTE, by "PAULK": "If, however, that embryo makes it to full term, it had better be born healthy, have plenty of money and have health insurance or Republicans will just as soon watch you die."

If Ms. Paulk was actually attempting to make a "point," it was quickly dashed upon the rocks with that bit of verbal nonsense and partisan rhetoric.

It's so very sad to see people in our beautiful part of the country that are hopelessly stuck, perpetually and blindly rooting for "their side" of the two party puppet show.


Ted Paulk 5 years, 11 months ago

Well my "point" was and still is that the Republicans claim to be pro life. They are not pro life, however, when it comes to insurance for people with pre-existing conditions, or the working poor who cannot afford insurance. They are pro life if you have a fist full of money. It is hard to mask my disgust with conservatives on this issue. Have a wonderful day.


Ted Paulk 5 years, 11 months ago

PS: The original title of this editorial was "Pro Life?" The person at the Roundup renamed it. Ted


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