Community Supports Struggling Schools With Donations


Once again, Payson has rallied to help its struggling schools.

On Monday, the Payson Unified School Board will accept thousands of dollars in donations from businesses and individuals.

The donations have become crucial to funding a wide array of extracurricular programs, along with hefty new fees charged to take part in sports programs. Most of the music, drama and art programs, many after-school programs and a host of other school activities now depend on public and parent support.

This year people donated some $230,000 to the Credit for Kids state tax credit program and paid $110,000 in sports participation fees.

But at every meeting, the board accepts a long list of additional donations.

“This community is incredibly generous,” said Superintendent Casey O’Brien of the consistent public support for school programs — which included strong voter support last year for a school budget override, which cushioned the impact of the still substantial cuts in the course of the past two years.

Donations slated for acceptance at Monday’s meeting include $10,000 from the Mogollon Sporting Association for uniforms and some $1,500 from Payson Glass, one of the most consistent business donors to school programs.

Other donations include:

• Kiwanis, Spelling Bee: $150

• Payson Rotary Club, Spelling Bee: $150

• Phillip Neel, to the middle school: $100

• Gloria Austin, Agnes Bowers Fund at JRE: $50

• Edward & Sandra Wilson, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $60

• Barbara Reinhold, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $100

• Steven Gregory, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $100

• Lawrence & Ronda O’Neill, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $100

• William Steerzer, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $100

• Kerry & Ronda Bowers, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $100

• Anne Alschuler, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $20

• Beatrice Ullrich, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $20

• Henrietta Wiley, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $25

• Payson WGA 9-hole Club, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $25

• Gail Opper, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $50

• Audrey Lamb, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $50

• Lana Callihan, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $50

• Mogollon Sporting Association, PHS Band Uniforms: $9,000

• Mogollon Sporting Association, PHS Girls BB Officials: $1,000

• G. Roy Haupt, Students in need: $100

• Byron & Coyla McKean, PHS Band: $2,000

• SW Behavioral, PHS Ski Trip: $300

• The Century Council: $750

• Walmart Foundation, JRE General: $250

• Wm & Kay Houghton, Agnes Bower Fund, JRE: $200

• Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign, JRE General: $1,000

• Payson Glass, PES General: $200

• Payson Glass, PES PE: $50

• Payson Glass, FES General: $100

• Payson Glass, JRE General: $100

• Payson Glass, RCMS General: $50

• Payson Glass, RCMS Garner Washington Trip: $200

• Payson Glass, PHS Sports: $450

• Payson Glass, PHS Football: $50

• Payson Glass, PHS Basketball: $50

• Payson Glass, PHS Music: $50

• Payson Glass, PHS Fine Arts: $50.00

• Ken & Frances Moore, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $100

• Frank & Susan Hellebuyck, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $100

• Stephen & Barbara Smith, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $50

• Chili’s, RCMS Band: $60

• Phillip Neel, PHS Renaissance: $100

• Rim Country Optimist Club, Spelling Bee: $150

• Ann DeVald, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $47

• Payson Choral Society for AED: $1,875

• Mogollon Sporting Association, Sod for Softball Field: $1,500

• Frances Loges, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $50

• Mary Alongo, Agnes Bowers Fund, JRE: $50

• Grand Lodge (Masons), Stonebrink Classroom Grant: $400

• Roy Matchko, Optics Equipment for PHS Physics/Science

• Sharon Arfinson, Kodak Digital Camera, FES

• Pine-Strawberry Senior Thrift Shop, Prom Dresses, PHS

• Rosemary Wyatt, Clothing, PHS

• Lolly Hathorn, Hygiene Items and Pencils, Schools

• Barbara Underwood & Family, Clothing/Blanket, Homeless Services

• Betty Tealdo, Teddy Bears, Schools


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