Public Broadcasting Funding Is Needed



The progress of society has always been driven by a minority of people who act outside of common populism.

Toynbee in his work on the rise and fall of civilizations stresses that only the birth of the new and different can nullify death. Joseph Campbell has argued that artists are the agents of renewal. Like carpenters, we must measure and quantify to build. We must also recognize that intangible emergent properties are important.

Who knows what can come out of enlightenment in science, philosophy, religion, geography, and nature? Who will take us to the “Rainbow Connection”?

Government funding does not mandate anyone’s choices. It is like preparing the soil of the garden for the planting of seeds yet to be selected. Diversity of people and opinion are American strengths. From them springs forth those “Tigers Burning Bright” who bring our future. Democracy relies on the vote of an informed electorate.

Commercial TV news is superficial, incomplete, biased, narrow, and nearly identical. Business profit in commercial broadcasting has shown us what results: Sex, violence, and a focus on the sensational. Defunding public broadcasting moves America in a path that emphasizes dollars and cents but in the long run will hurt us.

George & Janice Templeton


Dan Varnes 5 years, 11 months ago

Government should only do those things that individual citizens and industry are incapable of doing properly.

Defunding government subsidized radio and TV stations is a small, but good start on the path to minimizing our horrendous national debt.


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