Fire Destroys Home’S Interior


A mid-afternoon blaze Tuesday destroyed the interior of a couple’s beloved log cabin home, killing one of their dogs and destroying most of their possessions.

Debbie and Greg Schloesser were at work when an electrical fire, likely sparked by a coffee pot malfunction, broke out in the home’s kitchen around 11 a.m., fire officials said.

Although firefighters were able to save one dog, the couple’s older dog was unable to make it out of the bedroom and died.

The Schloessers said they had lived in the rented cabin, at 300 Wrangler Circle, for 14 years and it was filled with memories and belongings, including an organic garden.


A Payson firefighter pries a side off an evaporative cooler on the roof of a house on Wrangler Circle that was spewing smoke Tuesday morning. There was extensive damage to the interior of the house due to the extreme heat. Forest Drive was blocked off between McLane and Colcord Road due to the large fire hoses stretched across the roadway.

Flames or smoke damage destroyed most all of that.

Greg said Tuesday morning started like any other. He made breakfast on the stove and the couple headed off to work.

Later, Greg came home for lunch and noticed smoke billowing from an upstairs window. Greg called for help, grabbed a garden hose and began spraying the outside.

When firefighters arrived, they opened the home’s front door and one dog ran out. Firefighters entered and quickly extinguished the flames, which were centered on the north side of the home in the kitchen. The entire kitchen was left covered in a dark black char, the imponderable smell of smoke wafting out.

From the outside, the home looks normal, since no flames made it out of the structure. Although the home is not a total loss, Fire Chief Marty deMasi said smoke or heat damaged most of the items inside.

The Schloessers did grab food out of a refrigerator in the kitchen. The American Red Cross gave the couple a $330 credit card to cover clothing and food needs for the next few days and the couple is planning to stay with family.


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