Freezing Pipes Plague Homeowners


Warmer days as of late have allowed the snow cover to continue its retreat, even in areas that receive shade most of the day. However, this Saturday the weather pattern is forecasted to have some snow. With that the temperatures are continued to be somewhat mild with highs in the 40s and lows in the mid 20s to lower 30s.

Freezing pipes have plagued some homeowners in Heber Overgaard.

The slow thaw during the days and continued freezing at night has created problems for some homeowners in our area this last week. A condition where the water supply to homes from the street water meters as well as from the water company meters to the street water mains have had freezing problems even with the water lines being buried at or lower than 18 inches.

Water mains and water meters that typically are directed north from these homes and receive shade most of the day are the most affected. With the slow melting of snow during these days and the freezing nightly, the moisture saturates the soil and over the days of these conditions, creates a conduit for the freezing effect on pipes and meters below ground.

On Feb. 12, Tim Pacheco of the Arizona Water Company said that he responded to five calls regarding freezing water mains. “Even with night temperatures not dipping below the 20-degree mark, we still see this happening.”

“Usually it takes about 10 minutes to unfreeze homeowners’ water meters, but we have almost had to call out for a backhoe to dig up a couple of places where the pipes were frozen from the meter to the street main,” he said. He went on to say, “Stuffing house insulation in around the water meter does help mitigate this problem.” With the warm up that followed last weekend, those conditions have subsided.

Distinguished Victim Service Award

Navajo County Sheriff K. C. Clark and County Attorney Brad Carlyon are seeking nominees for their second annual “Distinguished Victim Service Award” to be presented April 15 at a day-long victims’ rights symposium in Holbrook as part of the 31st Annual National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, April 11-16.

Nominations must be received no later than 5 p.m., Friday, April 8. They may be sent to the Navajo County Attorney’s Office, ATTN: Victim Service Award Nomination, P.O. Box 668, Holbrook, AZ 86025. Nominations may also be e-mailed to Jaquel Moody, victim services manager, at

County Attorney Carlyon said anyone who has benefited crime victims in Navajo County during the past year may be nominated for the Distinguished Victim Service Award.

“A nominee could be someone who provides services to victims, advocates on behalf of victims or has shown leadership in the area of victims’ rights or services,” Carlyon said. “This could be a government employee or a private citizen. We want everyone who has shown a strong commitment to helping victims of crime to have the opportunity to be considered for this award.”


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