This Is ‘Prevent A Litter’ Month — Spay Or Neuter


The Humane Society of Central Arizona and its affiliates are firm believers in spaying and neutering, because it saves lives. February is “Prevent a Litter Month” and also the month that hosts Spay Day.

Spay Day is an annual campaign of The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International to inspire people to save animal lives by spaying or neutering pets and feral cats. Spay Day is officially the last Tuesday of February, but you can find Spay Day events throughout the month by visiting the HSUS website.

Spaying and neutering is very important and there are a few programs locally that can assist you, as well as other programs throughout the state. It is best that you research your options and call the local vets in town for information on the cost of fixing your animal. Vouchers can sometimes be obtained from HSCAZ to help with the cost of spaying or neutering. Though they may not always be available, it is best to contact us to see if we have any vouchers or financial aid.

Each year, 4 million animals are euthanized — please help reduce that number by spaying and neutering your pet. You can also help by adopting your next animal companion from a shelter or rescue group. Like Bob Barker says, “Please, Spay and Neuter Your Pets.”

Benefits of Spaying

• Prevents pregnancy and the complications

arising from pregnancy and delivery.

• Eliminates the heat cycle — you won’t have

to listen to the sounds of your female in

heat, trying to get out and find a mate.

• Prevents unwelcome males from trying to

seek out your female pet in heat.

• Reduces the urge to roam. This makes it

less likely that you will lose your pet, which

in turn makes your pet less likely to

contract a disease, get in a fight, get injured

or become a victim to cruelty, poison or


• Eliminates sexual discomfort, distress or

distraction ... making your pet happier and

more content.

• Reduces or eliminates the possibility of

disease in the reproductive system.

Benefits of Neutering

• Reduces the distracting and destructive

behavior associated with the male’s efforts to

get out and find a mate.

• Reduces the urge to roam. This makes it less

likely that you will lose your pet, which

makes your pet less likely to contract a

disease, get in a fight, get injured, or become

a victim to cruelty, poison, or traffic.

• Eliminates sexual discomfort, distress, or

distraction ... making your pet happier and

more content.

• Eliminates testicular tumors and reduces

prostate gland problems.

• In cats, neutering stops or reduces marking

behavior (territorial spraying of urine).

• Reduces the urge to fight.

Adoptable Pets

Now it’s time to meet some of the many wonderful animals available for adoption at the HSCAZ shelter, located at 812 S. McLane Road. For more information, call (928) 474-5590 or visit us online at www.humanesocietycentral




My name is Shadow and I’m a super affectionate 6-month-old female. I enjoy perching on your shoulder like a parrot, and rubbing my face on yours for kisses. I love other cats, children and dogs. I’m playful, outgoing and a blast to be around. I have been spayed and I’m current on all my vaccines. If you like me, then you’ll like my brother Joey ’cause he acts just like me, and he even looks like me too!




My name is Gracie and I’m a 2-year-old Husky/Shepherd mix. I am very playful and outgoing and get along with most other dogs. Though some may be intimidated by my size, I really am a very sweet and gentle girl. I like children and would really like to find a loving family to call my own; one that enjoys lots of outdoor activities that we can all participate in together. I am spayed and current on my vaccines.




My name is Gustavo and I am a ladies’ man. I am 10 months old and am still playful like a kitten. I get along very well with the other cats here, but am not so crazy about dogs. I enjoy cuddle time and basking in the sun. I really am a lover and am just looking for a lap to curl up in. I’m neutered and up to date on my shots. Come cuddle with me.




My name is Jack and I’m a 2-year-old Catahoula/Shepherd mix. I LOVE to play ball!! I am a fun-loving guy who likes to play, play, play. I will need a secure yard and fence at my new home. I have been around cats and children and really love everybody. Long hikes and chasing balls are my favorite hobbies. All I need is someone who shares those same interests. I am neutered and up to date on my shots. Bring the family down to meet me!




My name is Noel and I’m a sweet little 4-month-old Lab/Pit mix. I have a cute brindle coat and warm chocolate brown eyes. I like to play with my brothers in the play yard all day long. I already know how to potty outside and how to walk on a leash. I am a smart, sweet girl who loves kids and other dogs and will make a great family companion. Come down and see for yourself.




My name is Clairece and I am looking for my forever home. I have the softest, calico colored coat and beautiful green eyes. I am a sweetheart and love people. I can tolerate other cats, but I would love to be the queen of the castle and be the only pet. I am litterbox trained and am very neat and clean. I like to lay in your lap and sit with you while you relax. I’m easygoing and would really love for someone to come take me home now.


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